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About OU Wireless Networks


OU IT strives to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions that apply the benefits of new technologies and industry best practices, such as server virtualization and infrastructure consolidation. These efforts enable us to invest in value-added campus technologies and services, such as wireless, without impacting student fees.

OU IT has improved wireless security and performance (we use the 802.11B digital wireless standard, which allows for up to 11 Mbps throughput).

Wireless Options

Your computer MUST BE equipped with a wireless network adapter to connect to OU's wireless networks. Wireless adapters come standard on almost all new computers.

OU currently offers two main wireless connection options, OUWIFI and OUGuest

  • OUWIFI - Available for faculty, staff and students who have current OUNet ID accounts. Grants access to all Internet and OU network resources. You will want to set OUWifi as your computer's default wireless network.
  • OUGuest - Available for visitors to the university without accounts. Note that OUGuest may limit access to some OU Web services.

In addition to OUWIFI and OUGuest, OU is also part of the worldwide Eduroam wireless service. Configuring this connection allows one to connect to any Eduroam wireless connection available on other supported higher education campuses. For a full list of supported institutions, please click here.

Wireless Connecting

OU IT's world-class network is built with redundant systems and back-up processes to maximize network up-time and availability. To connect to the OU wireless, please do the following:

  • OUWIFI - Connect to OUWIFI and open your web browser. Login and follow the onscreen prompts to register your device. Once registered, your device should be able to connect to the network within 3-5 minutes. Registration is good for 12 months per device. After 12 months, one will need to re-register it.
  • OUGuest - Connect to OUGUEST and open your web browser. Follow the onscreen prompt to agree to the license terms and obtain access.

If you have followed the onscreen prompts and competed the necessary registrations but still can not connect, please call the OU IT Helpdesk at 325-HELP (4357).

Troubleshooting Section

I've been on OUWifi in the past, but now I'm getting prompted to sign in?

There are several possibilities for this issue.

  • Depending on your user status, your previously registered device may have been cleared from the system at the beginning of the school year. Please revisit the Net-Reg to check a device registration.
  • Are you on a new device? Please make sure you have registered it through Net-Reg.
  • Have you connected to both OUGuest and OUWifi in the past on your mobile device? If so, when you revisit a location with these connections, your device may default to the OUGuest connection. Because OUGuest prompts you to re-authorize each time, you should disconnect and switch over to OUWifi.

I'm unable to connect my device to wireless, even though I'm registered.

There's a possibility your device has become blocked from the network or has had its network settings or drivers become incompatible, please call 325-HELP (4357) and our technicians will perform network troubleshooting for your connection.

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