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MyMedia Lecture Capture Policy


MyMedia Lecture Capture Policy

Content Expiration

Content that is recorded via lecture capture and automatically uploaded to MyMedia WILL NOT be kept indefinitely. Due to storage limitations in MyMedia, it is not possible for us to maintain storage for content that is not currently being utilized. In order to ensure we are utilizing our storage most effectively, it is necessary to maintain a standard deletion date for this content.

Lecture capture recordings will be queued for deletion following the conclusion of three semesters (current semester plus two additional semesters), approximately 8 months to 1 year. For example, a lecture capture recording from anytime during Fall 2013 would remain on for the conclusion of the Fall 2013 semester, and the entirety of the following Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 semesters. The recording would qualify for deletion on the first day of the Fall 2014 semester.

Fifteen (15) days and three (3) days prior to qualifying for deletion, notifications will be sent to content owners detailing which lecture capture recordings are eligible for deletion. As the content owner, he/she is responsible for replying to the notification emails, prior to the first day of each semester, if he/she plans to utilize the lecture capture recording again for another semester.

Content owners are responsible for maintaining a permanent copy of the lecture capture recording. As stated in the Content Retention section of the main MyMedia Policies document: “MyMedia is neither an official data repository nor archival database for the University of Oklahoma. Content on MyMedia is considered an unauthenticated copy of content that exists elsewhere and is not considered a University permanent record.”

Accessibility Information

Public Content: Any content that is uploaded to a public MyMedia page must meet guidelines for accessibility as governed by the University of Oklahoma Web Policies , Title 62 of Oklahoma Statues O.S. 2001, Section 41.5e as amended (H.B. 2197 ), and Section 508  of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (29 U.S.C. 794d). For public audio and video content, this means that a content creator should provide video captioning, a script, or transcript.

Course Content: For content that is available only to students in a course, the following guidelines apply:

  1. If the sole means of distributing the content takes place via audio or video, captioning or a transcript should be provided as an equivalent alternative for students with visual or auditory disabilities.
  2. If the audio or video is an alternative form of content that was already disseminated to students through classroom lecture or other text-based content, no transcript or captioning is required.

The National Center for Accessible Media  has produced Accessible Media, which are samples of accessible video and audio clips.

In accordance with University of Oklahoma policies and state and federal regulations, the University of Oklahoma is committed to full academic access for all qualified students, including those with disabilities. Faculty members are required to provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities, so as not to discriminate on the basis of that disability. Therefore, it is up to the individual content provider/department to provide accommodations where needed.

Students are responsible for informing faculty of their need for accommodation and in providing authorized documentation through designated administrative channels. Information regarding specific diagnostic criteria and policies for obtaining academic accommodations can be found at the OU Disability Resource Center website.

General Questions

If you have any questions regarding policies or procedures, concerning MyMedia and need assistance, please submit your questions at and a team member will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

Technical Support

If you need assistance or have questions regarding administration of your account or the access to MyMedia or any other technical problems you may be encountering, please call 325-HELP.


MyMedia Lecture Capture FAQs

Which locations support MyMedia Lecture Capture?MyMedia Lecture Capture is available in the following centrally scheduled classrooms:

  • Devon 120
  • SEC A235
  • SEC M204
  • SEC N202
  • PHSC 108

How long will lecture capture recordings remain on MyMedia?
Lecture capture recordings will remain on MyMedia for the semester it is recorded, plus two additional semesters. For example, a lecture capture recording from mid-Fall would remain on for the conclusion of the Fall semester, and the entirety of the next Spring and Summer semesters. The recording would qualify for deletion at the beginning of the next Fall semester.

Will training and support be provided?
OU Information Technology will conduct trainings prior to the start of each semester specific to the classroom you are teaching in. If you are scheduled to have a class in a lecture capture classroom, you will receive an email before the start of the semester with information on these training sessions.
Ongoing training and support will be offered on how to utilize the lecture capture system, maintain content in MyMedia, and insert recordings into a course. If you require immediate assistance, please call 325-HELP during normal business hours or contact us through

How do I obtain a permanent copy of recorded lectures from MyMedia? 
A permanent copy can be downloaded from within MyMedia.

How long will it take my video to process?
This depends on the length and number of sources of the captured video. For an average lecture(1-1.5 hours), video processing times will be from 6 to 8 hours. However, on days of high traffic video processing and transcoding can take as long as 24 hours. If you have not received your video within 24 hours, please call 325-HELP or at

What do I need to use lecture capture?
It is free for any class to use the lecture capture system. Faculty will be required to bring their own batteries for the mic (2 AA batteries) in the classroom. Faculty will need to attend training on the lecture capture system, provide batteries, and handle importing content into Canvas.

Can I edit my lecture capture videos?
Yes! Any lecture capture video can be edited within MyMedia. MyMedia will give you the option to create a clip from the recording, add captions, and provide and new title and description to your videos. In addition, videos can be downloaded and then reuploaded for more advanced editing.
Who can see my recorded videos?
 On default, on you will be able to see recorded videos. You can then manually adjust who can view the video. You can share by embedding inside of Canvas, sharing a link, and publishing the video publicly within MyMedia.
What happens if my lecture does not record?
 The lecture capture system is very dependable, and normally we encounter few errors. If there is an issue with the recorded video, or if you are unable to hold class, OU Information Technology recommends using CaptureSpace as an alternative solution. CaptureSpace will allow you to record video and a PowerPoint presentation simultaneously from any computer using a webcam. CaptureSpace is free to use and can accessed within MyMedia.

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