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M204 Lecture Capture


This guide documents how to use the lecture capture in SEC M204. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. The panel will be off when you enter the room. Tap the “On” button to power on the system.

2.The system will take about 30 seconds to boot. During this time the projector in the room will also power on.

3. The home screen will display. From here you can connect your computer for presentation, document feeder, and DVD/ Blu-ray playback. Let’s start by connecting our personal computer. Locate the inputs to the right of the panel.

4. In M204 you will have VGA, HDMI, and thunderbolt connectivity as an option. You only need to plug in the audio jack if you are using VGA to connect your computer. Your screen should now connect with the projectors in the classroom. You toggle between your personal computer, document feeder and Blu-ray by using the main control panel. Note that due to copyright lecture capture will not record DVD/Blu-ray content.

Image of connected classroom

Document camera control screen

Document camera

 Image of document feeder

5. There is no need for a lapel microphone. M204 has four microphones installed: two at the front of the classroom and two by the projector. Audio will be picked up automatically.

6. The last step is to position the camera. Lecture Captures are scheduled to record. You can view your camera feed by selecting “confidence monitor on”. Note that lecture capture will record regardless if confidence is on. You can zoom and direct the camera from the panel. Note this will not affect your other feeds from your computer or document camera.

The monitor in the back of the room will display your camera feed.

Image of monitor

7. When finished, select “Off” to power down the lecture capture system.


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